Your Mom Vs. My Mom
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Fire Dancer
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  • Pointless

    relatable moment where you don't have one

  • Eduarda Santos
    Eduarda Santos

    Veo mi abuela en este vídeo I see my grandma in this video

  • Jazz Alea
    Jazz Alea

    Omg they forgot the belt

  • Margarita Tapia oneill
    Margarita Tapia oneill

    Im latina jaja

  • Red S
    Red S



    Asians and latinas be like

  • Snowball

    Do other moms don't put there pots and pans in the stove...? Like where is it suppose to go then

  • Twin Avocados
    Twin Avocados

    I like these vids...

  • XxPërlåGämęrxX Guerrero
    XxPërlåGämęrxX Guerrero


  • Rainbow Angle
    Rainbow Angle

    Poor you

  • ImThEgOaT 175
    ImThEgOaT 175

    That is so relatable

  • muahvxo

    Your mom is the same as my mom XD

  • Jonathan Niavarani
    Jonathan Niavarani

    what song is in the back ground?

  • Fanta Stic-k
    Fanta Stic-k

    I'm Brazilian but I can relate my mom to this so much

  • may vo
    may vo

    Love witches? cehck out Chilling Adventure Of Sabrina on Netflix A Discovery Of Witches on Sky One and Legacies on The CW

  • Otakuh Noturnah
    Otakuh Noturnah

    0:25 In Brazil we say "Fabuloso" This means FABULOUS HAHAHH

  • Kookie and Honey
    Kookie and Honey

    I think all the Asian moms can relate.. 🤣

  • Nightmare Bonnie
    Nightmare Bonnie


  • Leonela Rodriguez
    Leonela Rodriguez

    That's my mom.

  • Brittany Espino
    Brittany Espino

    The flip flop is me

  • Susan Anita
    Susan Anita

    I slapped my butt when poopey won't come out

  • Sailor Angel
    Sailor Angel

    Child swat and chancla :OH GOD

  • Chiara Sabarese
    Chiara Sabarese

    I COME FROM THE SOUTHERN PART OF ITALY(not to far from Naples) and i can undestand everything,we're brotherssss

  • Alina Parcia ちゃん
    Alina Parcia ちゃん

    My mom is literally everything on the right. But she isn’t latina

  • sofia ravagnani
    sofia ravagnani

    ok, a sua mae eh brasileira entendi ja

  • Sebastian1010

    Actually neither of these are my mom. Idiot.

  • Itzz Gacha Laura
    Itzz Gacha Laura

    0:34 that's my mom with the chancala

  • sunflower o.o
    sunflower o.o

    My mom does all off those things...😂romanian check 😂😂

  • Leeann Albritton
    Leeann Albritton

    We do that put food it other containers also

  • Chris Aranda
    Chris Aranda

    Ahh the smell of fabuloso😊

  • Lexiz the wolfy girl Garcias
    Lexiz the wolfy girl Garcias

    My mom:aww thank you. Me:your welcome happy birthday

  • Lazuli Draws
    Lazuli Draws


  • Annie Lee
    Annie Lee

    MY mum is realistic to meh

  • Elemental battle ground Angelo 124
    Elemental battle ground Angelo 124

    La chancla

  • andrew morris
    andrew morris

    The first one is everyone’s mom

    • Alondra Chavez
      Alondra Chavez

      Of wut?

  • student loans 4 you
    student loans 4 you

    My mom used to put a bunch of quarters in the cookie tins

  • Arleni Vasquez
    Arleni Vasquez

    Dominicano al fin!!😂

  • Tuba Özet
    Tuba Özet

    Your mom looks like turkish mom

  • HongoKanata1

    Mexican moms are so similar to Vietnamese moms

  • Hun Choa
    Hun Choa

    0:34 XD As a father, my wife dispclines our kids the same.

  • 2G Fishy ヅ
    2G Fishy ヅ

    My grandmother is like ur mom

  • Skalavery

    i love the strawberry candy where do i get it aaaaaa

  • la manzanita UwU
    la manzanita UwU

    None real y none Colombia mom: 0:41

  • valeria nieto
    valeria nieto

    Is your mama Mexican or Latina cause me Mexican that's my Mami

  • jane

    and its always danish cookies

  • Marilena Spyrou
    Marilena Spyrou

    Nooo mom plz don’t smack me with a chankla and a fly swatter

  • Caroline Nygaard Jensen
    Caroline Nygaard Jensen

    Omg i er Danske jeg elsker jer ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ vis du kommer fra Danmark så Like eller skriv en kommentar til den her komentar

  • Mitsuki -chan!
    Mitsuki -chan!

    Do u think: other person vs US?

  • milly luvs tom
    milly luvs tom

    Asian be like:dude your mom was like my mom Like if your asian

  • Abdullah Elkachari
    Abdullah Elkachari

    0:20 I'm Muslim

  • Yassy Stars
    Yassy Stars

    That cookie one is so un real for me it would've all be finished

  • poo man
    poo man

    Like: your mom Comment: my mom

  • Nou Engsopheak
    Nou Engsopheak

    Me: *sees a Hispanic mother pull out her chancla* Me again: *run like a Uganda women* AAAAAAAA! AAA!! Mexican Hispanic mother: why are you running? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING!?!?

  • Adam Bakal El Abbasi
    Adam Bakal El Abbasi

    0:35 the rigth option is for every mom

  • royal amit
    royal amit

    Tare ma ka

  • sri chandra
    sri chandra

    no my mum is different from both of these

  • the gayist man alive
    the gayist man alive

    Jokes on you I don't have a mom

  • Aden Mora
    Aden Mora

    Donde están me mexicanos

  • 308 #2
    308 #2

    0:34 Thats my grandma and my mom

  • Claire’s World
    Claire’s World

    Some of this is acurect but a lot isn't