sleepover with emma *CHRISTMAS EVE EDITION*
emma chamberlain
merry xmas here is an extremely long video hopefully u r ok with that
also, i hope u had a great holiday whatever u celebrate. i love u guys very much. stay u. love urself. b urself. follow ur heart. plant a tree. feed an animal. eat snacks. XD XD XD XD XD XD
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  • Kyle Graeme
    Kyle Graeme

    1:50 im crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • LoccNation

    LMAO. who else is still watching in 2020?

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    Videostar Help

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    Marisa Patterson

    omg she's was so different 😂😂😂she used to like the comments and now thats ancient 😂ilyyy

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    Kadin Sisavat

    10:31. *Me in January 1, 2020*

  • Weird Garbage
    Weird Garbage

    I can relate to your dream piss story. I was 10. It was four am. I cried when I realized I pissed myself.

  • Lauren Aycock
    Lauren Aycock

    December 25, 2019 how much Emma has changed is insane she is so successful

  • tatum g
    tatum g

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  • Hey it's Em
    Hey it's Em

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    ¡Arabella L!

    it’s 12:00 am so it’s officially christmas today and i can’t sleep so here i am

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      Aleah Ford

      ¡Arabella L! merry christmas!! for me it’s still 11 lol

    • ¡Arabella L!
      ¡Arabella L!

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    • Aleah Ford
      Aleah Ford

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    Hi It’s me

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    smile asmr

    17:34 dO yOu wAnNa tAlK aBoUt oUr fEeLiNgS

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    Isabelle Lund

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  • Casey Rix
    Casey Rix

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  • Susan Synder
    Susan Synder

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  • Maya Kelly
    Maya Kelly

    Anyone else colourblind and got confused when she said she had a ‘green’ sweater and you thought it was black..? Nope just me ok

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    Sriya Chaparala

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    Abby Leahy

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    Kaitlyn Connolly

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    Iris Mugisha

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