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  • Brent Rivera
    Brent Rivera

    Thanks for stopping by :) If you have MY type of parents, hit that LIKE button :) Love you guys sooo much, thank you for the continuous support

    • Maatla Makausu
      Maatla Makausu


    • Joyce Lewis
      Joyce Lewis

      I can replied to that

    • Karin Wallace
      Karin Wallace

      My parents are EXACTLY LIKE THAT!!

    • Esperance Sifa
      Esperance Sifa

      Brent Ar You a robot

  • Gaming With Jasmine
    Gaming With Jasmine

    mah dad slaps me when i am really naughty

  • madalitso wright
    madalitso wright

    I'm not having a great day cuz I'm sick and I can't go to school and it's my favorite specials today we have computer class


    my mom is the cool one

  • 【Toxicz】 norbs
    【Toxicz】 norbs

    You saying your parents aren't normal?

  • FTV Gaming
    FTV Gaming

    I dont know why but when ever a new iphone comes out my parents by me it

  • lemon sorbet
    lemon sorbet

    I know how u feel lol

  • Andre De Leon
    Andre De Leon

    That coffee makes me poop mug though

  • Yeniheris Lozada
    Yeniheris Lozada

    Bruh I feel you sometimes even in the chores i feel how you feel 😎😎

  • Laura ynostrosa
    Laura ynostrosa

    I don't like your mom and dad I don't like my mom and dad

  • Ari Bear
    Ari Bear


  • Majolie Lucero
    Majolie Lucero

    My is cool

  • Marisol Flores
    Marisol Flores

    I have normal parents

  • Olivia Adams
    Olivia Adams

    That is nothing your parents are like the best you should meet my parents

  • iwayne637

    My mom is cool too.

  • ugne play gacha
    ugne play gacha

    The start of the video: GRADES Me: Imma hit that like button bc like my mum gets CRAZYYYYYYY.. Heh heh heh heh heh........

  • Jackson Nguyen
    Jackson Nguyen

    I got Asian parents

  • Ava Cloutier
    Ava Cloutier

    Love your KZsoft channel anyway can you do more truth or dares at target they are very funny😀

  • Avnoor Chahal
    Avnoor Chahal

    Did anyone else see the mug says*COFFEE MAKES ME POOP*

  • Angelica Walker
    Angelica Walker

    Did you guys thought the normal parents was Brents parents on the thumbnail?😂

  • Trish Carper
    Trish Carper

    my parents are kind of like yours

  • salah akram
    salah akram

    At the last one Kaleb was laughing so hard

  • Ennis Ginda
    Ennis Ginda

    hey brent i also feel the same about our parents

  • Jessica Lewis
    Jessica Lewis

    I have cool parents

  • Tosha Holliman
    Tosha Holliman

    My mom is cool

  • Aricen Cruz Davis
    Aricen Cruz Davis

    My parents sucks

  • Skye Oelofse
    Skye Oelofse

    My mom and dad. My dad's like your parents and my mom's like the cool mom. But my dad does rock!

  • Itsalizardcraft

    Dude your life is so similar to mine

  • leona hartshorn
    leona hartshorn

    Hey brent well im u with adaults but also i just followed u and subscribed on tik tok and utube i wanted u to follow me on tik tok pls ???

  • Cheryl Davis
    Cheryl Davis

    Brent's mom: where are you going. Brent: to my friends house to hang out. Brent's mom: I will need you location and the parents number.and does you friend do drug's,😂😂 Brent: ok mom can I go now Brent's mom: be back in two hours

  • sunny m
    sunny m

    omg i agree

  • Ashish Patel
    Ashish Patel

    Breant you just got 11m sucriber

  • elinah cortez
    elinah cortez

    My parents are like you're but I don't I have chores

  • Allie Boinski
    Allie Boinski

    i have your kind of parents

  • Carla J Vargas Garcia
    Carla J Vargas Garcia

    I get him........ Like bruh

  • ccnbuy la
    ccnbuy la

    My mom is like your mom

  • Daniela Rodrigo
    Daniela Rodrigo

    My parents are like that with Grades I got a 73 which is a B but my mom acted like I had a C

  • Niesha Benjamin
    Niesha Benjamin

    My parents are cool and and some times are not cool

  • Mike and Angie Bortness
    Mike and Angie Bortness

    i mean i have rude parents rude rude i mean rude

  • Funtime Tony
    Funtime Tony

    I got a Mexican family you bad chancla,Belt.

  • ariana tyu
    ariana tyu

    Nope me too : ^

  • Irum Zohair
    Irum Zohair

    I got cool parents-

  • Aidan Lee
    Aidan Lee

    Your parents but sometimes the other parents

  • Shelley Greene
    Shelley Greene

    my parents are the best!

  • Steve Keyes
    Steve Keyes


  • Señor Papa
    Señor Papa

    Brent my mom also gets mad at me for not doing the chores

  • Itsfunneh Itsfunneh
    Itsfunneh Itsfunneh

    5:32 LOL

  • Sophia fe Gomez
    Sophia fe Gomez

    Boring parents

  • Leticia Meza
    Leticia Meza

    This channel la gay

  • katelynn Cassese
    katelynn Cassese

    Excuse me you're not the only one that has to do chores

  • Keona Blevins
    Keona Blevins

    Well my dad nice 👍🏾I love my dad

  • Keona Blevins
    Keona Blevins

    I have mean parents

  • Zebun Nessa
    Zebun Nessa

    There are 50,772 comments on this video and i'm sure brent you maybe will not read this comment. Maybe what i'm gonna say will sound stupid to all of you guys but this is a truth. Not everybody has parents, there are people out there who have parents worse than you, getting abused in various ways, but don't have anything to do about it, nobody to talk about their broken life. Its your channel, your videos, i'm nobody of these. Most of all who commented are disappointed to have parents like yours. But hey, at the end of the day, don't get mad at them. Say thank you to the luck that it gifted you your parents, not everybody can get this beautiful gift. Maybe they are not cool, maybe they aren't satisfied on you but deep inside in their heart they love you with their everything,more than anything. Everybody has different ways to show their love for their loved ones, its all about you that either you can feel it or not.

  • Emily o
    Emily o

    My mom is NORMAL PARENTS

  • Rian Pochynok
    Rian Pochynok

    Ww Santa is the best brand is the best friend is the best bet is the best I love him he’s the best you tuber

  • Leila Morgan
    Leila Morgan

    Hey Brent I love your videos I have neither they are overpreetected parents and there is nothing really wrong with that . That's what I think😇😋

  • Dark Alien
    Dark Alien

    I have cool parents 😏😏

  • Madhurima Sarkar
    Madhurima Sarkar

    I have a little bit of both

  • Pickle900

    Wow, your definition of normal parents are the ones who spoil their kid

  • Cameron Neal
    Cameron Neal

    Omg 😳 she was not mad at him. 2020