Full Fight | Michael Chandler vs. Benson Henderson - Bellator 165
It's Full Fight Friday! Take a look back at Bellator 165: Michael Chandler vs. Benson Henderson in it's entirety!
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  • Informa New
    Informa New

    ,👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 stupid

  • Robert Dorčić
    Robert Dorčić

    Judges are ashamed!

  • Cesar Herrera
    Cesar Herrera

    Gaethje vs Chandler is an insane fight

  • Da Vinci Lucas
    Da Vinci Lucas

    Should be Ben won the fight.... coop.

  • Alex Bitcoin
    Alex Bitcoin

    Chandlers ears are shot .. his ears are ready for retirement.

  • bryan mac neill
    bryan mac neill

    How could that be a split decision

  • tenzin khenrab
    tenzin khenrab

    mother fucker michael chandler.

  • rrrus1

    its no true

  • ryan wolf
    ryan wolf

    Damn this is now my second favorite fight of all time has everything strikes grappling submission attempt just a great show from two absolute badass mofos

  • 박진형

    Winner benson

  • jeremy esposito
    jeremy esposito

    Benson won that

  • Adam M
    Adam M

    In a real fight he would grab his hair and knee his face. MMA is millennial fighting

  • Jaber Jaber
    Jaber Jaber

    Did benson ever fight after this fight ?

  • jacob wheeler
    jacob wheeler

    Just compare there faces🤦🏻‍♂️benson won this fight

  • Steven

    They need to make that big ol' hair do illegal. At least braid it down or something. It's really unfair for the other fighter to have to deal with that mess.

  • Cyclonex1CA ca
    Cyclonex1CA ca

    Chandler won the whole fight

  • Kosmo Nautik
    Kosmo Nautik

    Wrong decision.... The hippie guy had it

  • Eddy Perdomo
    Eddy Perdomo

    Benson ☆

  • Jonas Oliveira
    Jonas Oliveira

    Po qui luta mano.

  • Lord Frieza
    Lord Frieza

    if it was a fight to he death benson would of won. nuff said

  • infragmentos

    In my opinion Henderson was the winner.

  • Taegu Kang
    Taegu Kang

    관객을 호구로 보나봐 ㅎㅎㅎ

  • Marco de la Rhoza
    Marco de la Rhoza

    Apanhou pra cacete e levou na mão Grande

  • Igor BT
    Igor BT

    Ha,ha what a fraud. The judges are blind or sold. Just for the way how the fighters end anybody would say that Henderson CLEARLY won this fight.

  • Humberto Camarena
    Humberto Camarena

    Un Robo total 😬😬

  • Renzo Bans
    Renzo Bans

    how you win when you look like a beat tomato and the opponent doesn't have a scratch?

  • Xcaliber Trekker
    Xcaliber Trekker

    How can you take a suplex that hard and not even be stunned the least? ;-O

  • Original JavitRi Dj
    Original JavitRi Dj

    No lo puedo creer que ganó esa persona,cuando el otro le dejo a masacrado el rostro .. Que sad

  • NooP DawG
    NooP DawG

    This fight was rigged I hate cheating judges.. my man only won the first round... Let's be honest here.. he may be champion but he got his ass kicked.. rigged fight.. good fight but he only won that first round smh cheating ass judges


    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="12">0:12</a>

  • Not Ryan
    Not Ryan

    Actual bullshit

  • Clésio augusto Da silva
    Clésio augusto Da silva

    Acho que os juízes tava Bebados ou cegos resultado enjusto. Vergonhoso cada dia mais perdendo a credibilidade

  • ronch550

    Not cool how Benson took his loss, and that rowdy attitude after the fight before the scores were out.

  • Kyle

    who tf throws a german suplex in an MMA fight. I LOVE IT.

  • Seawolfaka

    Not a champ in championship rounds. Your not champ

  • Seawolfaka

    Not a champ in championship rounds. Your not champ

  • Seawolfaka

    Not a champ in championship rounds. Your not champ

  • Seawolfaka

    Not a champ in championship rounds. Your not champ

  • Jose Florian
    Jose Florian

    The commentary is terrible.

  • Pap deisel
    Pap deisel

    Bullshit!!! Ben won this fuckin fight in my opinion 😑

  • shawn n
    shawn n

    This fight was fantastic. Why so many dislikes?

  • Jack Colon
    Jack Colon

    Wow what a warrior...hats off to you Benson

  • Dernaci da Rosa - Arte Digital
    Dernaci da Rosa - Arte Digital

    Isso aí ta ficando igual fotebol, estão combinando o resultado antes da luta ?? Tá na cara que não contaram os pontos !!!

  • Piter Nowacki
    Piter Nowacki

    słabo tu...

  • jorge Murillo
    jorge Murillo

    that is a still cause the guy who can keep his face clean it lose

  • Carlos Nascimento
    Carlos Nascimento

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1597">26:37</a>

  • Abbu Rawat
    Abbu Rawat

    Suplex damn..

  • Arnaldo Jan
    Arnaldo Jan

    If only Benson had his hair cut, he could've been the champ.

    • Alexander Byrne
      Alexander Byrne

      Maybe there’s a little extra strength in the long hair for Benson, like the biblical Samson

  • Yayo Marley
    Yayo Marley

    Benson piss me off every time he fight just braid your hair so you can see 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Tony Tay
      Tony Tay

      He should shave his motherfuckin head

    • Lord Frieza
      Lord Frieza

      Yayo Marley so true

  • Raúl Retamal
    Raúl Retamal


  • Andres Barja Manriquez
    Andres Barja Manriquez

    Qué dice el referi antes de empezar la pelea? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="148">2:28</a>

    • Julesgio

      @Andres Barja Manriquez jaja de nada

    • Andres Barja Manriquez
      Andres Barja Manriquez

      @Julesgio gracias mi enamorada me preguntó, dijo terminarme si no descubría :'v

    • Julesgio

      Dice : "Let's get it on" Mas o menos " ¡ A empezar ! "

  • ezequiel hernandez jimenez
    ezequiel hernandez jimenez


  • ezequiel hernandez jimenez
    ezequiel hernandez jimenez

    Mira la cara de uno y del otro venga ya fulll

  • ezequiel hernandez jimenez
    ezequiel hernandez jimenez

    No comprendo como pasó eso

  • J un
    J un

    이거 핸더슨이 이긴거 아님? 🤔🤔🤔

  • The Emo Emu
    The Emo Emu

    Never try to guillotine Henderson. The dude has insane defense against that sub. He has been DEEP into many a guillotine and he has squirmed and scrambled out of every single one.

  • Đoán Lương
    Đoán Lương

    Tóc mày dài quá có ngày chết vì đầu tóc

  • Lota Singhi
    Lota Singhi

    Wow what a great fight. Awesome.

  • Andreia matos Matos
    Andreia matos Matos

    Mas 2mnts. Henderson era Champion

  • Tomcat

    I haven't heard too much of a sore winner, but Chandler doesn't seem too much like a likable guy there eh?

  • Steven mora jerez
    Steven mora jerez

    the only thing that won was hit.

  • Daniel Mariano
    Daniel Mariano

    Lol the judges dick riding chandler

  • Savita Faatuono
    Savita Faatuono

    This is the first bellator video i seen and the craziet thing i seen is that fake ass joe rogan at the end

  • Ess Zumzett
    Ess Zumzett

    To much Hair Chandler won 4-1

  • vision works
    vision works

    Cut your hair u twit

  • jameswun

    I say Henderson got robbed

  • jameswun

    18 mins in no ones mentioning these knees or kicks that Henderson’s throwing

  • smart newton
    smart newton

    I think Benson won d match come on....

  • carlos rojas
    carlos rojas

    Wrong decision, should be Anderson

  • Gruagach. Eire
    Gruagach. Eire

    If Chael Sonnen had a middle eastern accent he would sound exactly like Borat.

  • Александр Данилов
    Александр Данилов

    Я бы отдал победу Хендерсону

  • Tops 5
    Tops 5

    Estos peleaban por una chica ...

  • valdo fernandes
    valdo fernandes




  • Versemob

    Commentators are biased asf everytime Michael landed big reactions everytime Ben landed nothing

  • John Surf
    John Surf

    I seen Benson take bigger shots than this entire fight and come back.Benson always cool!Ben Henderson is a fighter,he comes to fight!Chandler looks more peppered up then Henderson!Chandler looks like he has more damage.Chandlers wrestling looks really good,it would be cool to hang out with Benson Henderson!!Chandlers face all swollen!!Henderson won!!Chandler lost strait up!!Bensons counter wrestling was amazing!!Chandler lost!!!

  • E S
    E S

    BS decision

  • Michael Addi
    Michael Addi

    Henderson did dominate 60-70% of the fight.. don't leave it to the judges.. they suck most of the time 👌

  • Eddie Er
    Eddie Er

    L'autre il a la gueule en vrille mais il gagne mdrr

  • Audio Video Media Services
    Audio Video Media Services

    Plz drug test Henderson. SMH