Freddie Mercury (Queen) - Living On My Own (Music Video 2017 Remix)
Golden Dance Hits - Freddie Mercury (Queen) - Living On My Own (Music Video 2017 Remix)!
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  • I’m in love with my car
    I’m in love with my car

    Is it bad that I’m disappointed? 😭

  • Armando A
    Armando A

    La canción esta bien pero ubieran bailado con ropa

  • Armando A
    Armando A

    No mames esto lla se paso de la ralla ya es muí sexual

  • Mark Francis1977
    Mark Francis1977

    Excellent 😎

  • Сальск live григорий хикс
    Сальск live григорий хикс

    худые .(

  • flor to
    flor to

    Super. Muzik

  • Modern Walking
    Modern Walking

    This is holy shit, remix and video too, not because of gay or bissexual, but because firstly the original one sounds allot more better than this twerking shit. And the reason number 2 is because the original one text was made by Freddie Mercury and IT WASN'T ABOUT NUDES OR BOOBS AT ALLLLLLLL!!!!! The original was about freddie who jokes about his lonlieness, NOT ABOUT BOOBS BATTS AND TWERK!!! THIS REMIX SOUNDS LIKE SHIT, AND BASSICALY IT IS SHIT. Personaly i really do nkt understand why someone in this freaking world were thinking like:Aaa what if we gonna be popular by playing Living On My Own but only replaced Freddie with BIG ASS that will symbolise BIG ASS, Annnnd ofcourse we gonna need BIG BOOBS!!!! YEA THATS A GOOD IDEA!



  • Manisha Hanavate
    Manisha Hanavate

    What bullshit such great song got marred by naked n despo wanna be...

  • la de los truquillos
    la de los truquillos

    Pero que mierda es estaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! 😵😵😵😵😵

  • Mari' Tea
    Mari' Tea

    Jesus wtf is this. Poor Freddie

  • Sandra Janssen
    Sandra Janssen

    Pure rape 😭😭😭

  • Xuan Madrid
    Xuan Madrid

    Ahmet Kilic & Eyup Celik - Living On My Own

  • rl2005la

    Me : starts video 5 sec later Watch another video

  • 김펭수

    Just for sex



  • László Tureczki
    László Tureczki


  • zoli petrovics
    zoli petrovics

    Super thank you,music:-)

    • Modern Walking
      Modern Walking

      This remix or mix or shitmix, i don't care, is holy shit and this is fact. This remix sounds 10000 worse then original one, all that this video had is big asses and boobs annd ofcourse twerking, freaking twerk, hate that. And yea if you want to ask like: If u hate this video then why do u watch it, because i was searching for the original one tha i really love annd i found this shit and i come here yo place my dislike.

  • gigsa1

    What a joke 😢

  • jordan dee
    jordan dee

    Why carnt i be at that beach when this was made 😭😭

  • Claudio Slayer
    Claudio Slayer

    Hi. Coud you send to my e-mail this song please? Thank u so much!

  • Martyn Mellow
    Martyn Mellow

    Holy shit!!!!

  • Michael

    Jesus. This is hot a F........... K 😯

  • Meyaka Brown
    Meyaka Brown

    This vid is mixed right! Its hot af!