Freddie Mercury - Living On My Own (Freddie's 39th Birthday) - Official Music Video (High Quality)
This is the original music video clip directed by Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher between September 5th & 6th, 1985 at Freddie's 39th Birthday Party at Henderson's Nightclub, Munich, Germany.
This video for Living On My Own was created using clips taken from Freddie's '39th Birthday party in Munich and clips shot the following day with Freddie on his own. This footage compiles firstly all the available party footage and later the available alt takes and rushes.
This video uses footage from the following releases; The Unreleased 1995 DoRo Documentary, The Untold Story 2006 DVD, The Great Pretender 2012 Documentary & the Let Me In Your Heart Again 2014 YT Video.

  • Emy Cruz
    Emy Cruz

    Pues que mal plan que no te cuídate freddi para fuiste y eres el mejor en tu chamba pero en tu vida personal que metidota de pata por que por esa causa falleciste y al mismo tiempo mataste las iluciones de muchísima gente

  • revolaid

    This is like sodome and gomorra.

  • visita Lago
    visita Lago

    The beginning of the end


    Tue gay mano?

  • Laura Gray
    Laura Gray

    What a birthday party

  • Aesthetic Aicha
    Aesthetic Aicha

    Did anyone notice 39?

  • mauricio arroyo
    mauricio arroyo

    Esa vida excéntrica lo llevo a su muerte lastimosamente

  • emeli isabel
    emeli isabel

    paul the hated party

  • emeli isabel
    emeli isabel

    1:10 John Deacon? Drag?

  • Vitor Machado
    Vitor Machado

    It must have been a lot of fun this party, full of crazy things, so I like it hehe

  • Michel black lopez andrade
    Michel black lopez andrade

    Me encanta esta canción Fredy fuiste grande disfrutaste Como ninguno

  • Vasko Iliev
    Vasko Iliev

    Много голям фреди!!!

  • Вероника Хить
    Вероника Хить

    Фредди иду завтра на твой концерт, в исполнение симфонического оркестра!❤

  • Posie

    This party was something else-

  • Claudia Lanzo
    Claudia Lanzo

    Mi sarebbe piaciuto parteciparvi!!!😍

  • Claudia Lanzo
    Claudia Lanzo


  • Christian Matthew Vivar Rosales
    Christian Matthew Vivar Rosales

    5:13 Is he Jim Hutton?

    • baghdad bounedjah
      baghdad bounedjah

      Yes is the love of Freddie

  • Allahın qulu Allahın qulu
    Allahın qulu Allahın qulu


  • Алексей Коробов
    Алексей Коробов


  • Lee Bruce
    Lee Bruce

    Great song Grest. Freddie but disgusting video

  • You're Beautiful!
    You're Beautiful!

    Wow looks like gay heaven

  • Blacky

    At 3:21 Paul Prenter put something in Freddie's drink which made Freddie blind. He had to be hold by others because he couldn't stand still and could hardly blew the candles, as he was kind of blind because something was in his drink.

    • sara eronen
      sara eronen

      really? 😧

  • Nonspinal human
    Nonspinal human

    He's not happy because there is no real love on this party in any of them. Just hypocrisy and lust, only sex perversion appetite. There is no true joy in temporary satisfactions. Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • John B
    John B

    Freddie was not a happy man and anybody can see that by the way he looked ... he look lost and lonely..

  • Luis Enrique Liendo Saldivar
    Luis Enrique Liendo Saldivar


  • Emerson Arana
    Emerson Arana

    Paul Printer gave Freddie a drug pill in which made him go blind for awhile!

  • Roni Oakenshield
    Roni Oakenshield

    😂😎indonesia. Jakarta

  • Christophe Besson
    Christophe Besson

    De do de de

  • Conceles Bezerra
    Conceles Bezerra

    Completamente apaixonada

  • Elizabeth Orfalo
    Elizabeth Orfalo

    The best way to celebrate Love you Freddie, now more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow Happy 39 th to me...

  • Rosa Sayan
    Rosa Sayan


  • LADY O.S
    LADY O.S

    Jim :3

  • jasminne mcdonald
    jasminne mcdonald

    Poor guy. I wish I was there to give Freddie some company in someplace quiet. He doesn't look happy.

  • vídeos virais da internet fael
    vídeos virais da internet fael

    Gastava de ouvir essa música mas não sabia que ela falava desses assuntos kkk. É agradável ao ouvidos

  • ryoga hibiki
    ryoga hibiki

    La fiesta con los sugetos más raros

  • Dani Oseas Contreras
    Dani Oseas Contreras

    La verdad en el 6.22 en adelante no se porque se le ve muy trizte, su personalidad denota trizteza o algo peor. ERA SU CUMPLEAÑOS SE SUPONIA,ALGO GRAVE SABIA Q LE PASARIA TALVEZ 😕

  • Dani Oseas Contreras
    Dani Oseas Contreras

    Ese momento del 3.00 ES EPICO ES UNICO CARAMBA verlos juntos asi...lindicima pareja

    • Dani Oseas Contreras
      Dani Oseas Contreras

      Me refiero q a qe ay mas fotos de el con ella q de el con el. Si entedendistes bueno si no pues ni modo...

    • gaby b
      gaby b

      jajaj no mames, ÉPICO el del minuto 4:11 con su esposo

  • Michelle S
    Michelle S

    Everytime I watch this back I see Paul prenter having a negative effect on Freddie ! He looks uneasy with what he’s saying and doing , so so sad he didn’t see it earlier , as for Jim he was loving life ! And seems so genuine ❤️

  • Yolanda Williams
    Yolanda Williams

    love it

  • El Solitario George
    El Solitario George

    Eres y seras Unico, Freddie Mercury.

  • Electrico Residencial
    Electrico Residencial

    Que mundo más feo ese

  • Fabricio Veliz Roman
    Fabricio Veliz Roman

    Solo fue Brian May pero faltaron John deacon y Roger Taylor😠👍😃

  • Valdirene Lima
    Valdirene Lima

    Cadê o pessoal?

  • Valdirene Lima
    Valdirene Lima


  • rock pacino
    rock pacino

    Uno de los mejores opennings que existe

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison

    Gay people throw the best parties man

  • Mariella Di Maria
    Mariella Di Maria

    The fame effects 😔❤

  • Judith Pichardo
    Judith Pichardo

    Qeen 😘😘😘😘🎉

  • Judith Pichardo
    Judith Pichardo

    Las clásicas

  • Barb Khan
    Barb Khan

    I really love the bouncy dance beat of this video! And of course Freddie's wonderful voice too ! Go go go Freddie!

  • Marlon Guillen
    Marlon Guillen

    Este vídeo es clásico no se porque le ponen para reproducirlo este vídeo es inadecuado sera pa musica de ahora y sus vídeos que son inadecuados

  • Andres Velasco
    Andres Velasco

    Simplemente genial lo máximo....

  • Kleissl Manuel
    Kleissl Manuel

    Er war Der Größte, so soll es in unseren Herzen auch in Erinnerung immer sein.

  • Olya Vladi
    Olya Vladi

    Poor darling Freddie ... 🙏🏼💔 we still love ❤️ you

  • Odi CaEs
    Odi CaEs

    I love you so much!!!! Freddie Mercury! ❤

  • Vini games
    Vini games

    Crazys ksksksks

  • Олеся Головийчук
    Олеся Головийчук

    Freddie mercury was not gay, he was slandered, and he was really lonely. Feel very sorry for him, he's really talented man

  • fredy ley
    fredy ley

    Lo mejor 😍😘🤩💋

  • Piers Cheetham
    Piers Cheetham

    Happy 73 birthday frieddie we all love you

  • Nina Engleski
    Nina Engleski

    Hutton is cute as a button 💛