Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world)
Mark Rober
Sometimes the scientific method takes us to new frontiers. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Check out the 2020 letter here: www.inflcr.co/SH1jF

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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober

    This one was quite a journey! I've been super busy filming and planning stuff. Got another vid comin in hot in about 2 weeks that's a real banger. Insta/Twitter/TicTok- @MarkRober

    • Oof King
      Oof King

      I heard oils that are cooked past a certain temperature turn into transfats. A.k.a the worst kindve fat that you cant remove from arteries without surgery. Well these burgers are full of oils and they go onto a grill so.. Honestly prove me if im wrong and provide evidence..

    • 338 hunter Olsen
      338 hunter Olsen

      Hey I have grow up in a beef farm for my hole life.and the whole never seeing a blade of grass in way over exaterated. They can have half an acre to them selfs the clip you showed was probably in the winter when state grassing is not a loud I can't really tell if the pig and chicken are true but the cow is not as bad as people make it out to be.

    • Penny Burner
      Penny Burner

      Mark Rober Hey, I am a fellow KZsoftr and am just 14 years old. I love your videos and how you see the world. U are my idol and I love how you followed your dreams and Quit your job with nasa to do KZsoft. U make my day every time you upload and u just make science fun. And I just wanted to say thanks, if ur seeing this, for everything you have done for the community, the world, and for everything you do. I hope you see this someday. Thank you Mark Rober.

    • Sohaibo Kribich
      Sohaibo Kribich

      Silas Robot .

    • spooky sodi
      spooky sodi

      Yo have you heard of free range

  • Paris Tsak
    Paris Tsak

    Actually the richest man in the word is greek and he is the man who owns Amazon by the way I am greek

  • Max Hoselton
    Max Hoselton

    Jeff Basios is the riched man in the WORLD

  • shino akamaru
    shino akamaru

    Nobody: Mark Rober: Frictionless

  • NaturalTalent 246810
    NaturalTalent 246810


  • NaturalTalent 246810
    NaturalTalent 246810

    GARDEN OF EDEN DIET BABY' RA-w food is where health and happiness is at..! 🥬🍍🙏😇

  • Craigchibbers

    The main problem is that I’m highly allergic to beef, and most places will still grill it on the same area. So I’ll still have allergic reactions

  • Honey BBQ Sauce
    Honey BBQ Sauce

    I wanna freak my mom out by eating that raw plant meat

  • o k
    o k

    You know what would be cool? Just replacing all of the meat sold in stores with impossible meat and just like not tell anyone.

  • Horrific Space
    Horrific Space

    Bill Gates Look Like He is dying

  • Noam GBA
    Noam GBA

    Hey mark, thanks to this vid i just went to buy some beyond meat burgers, and they are nice

  • Roy _ks
    Roy _ks

    Me: *eats burger* Vegans: *i hate you*

  • T S
    T S

    You almost made me a vegetarian... Almost.

  • ersan demircan
    ersan demircan


  • Leo Phan
    Leo Phan

    Little kid: “it taste like extra juicy”

  • transfan84

    McDonald's hamburgers isn't really meat either... next

  • Rick

    One thing you didn’t mention as far as health goes are amino acids, which some you can’t get from a plant based diet.

  • Muhammad Anas Syahmi
    Muhammad Anas Syahmi

    Bill gates looks very smart. He should make an operating system

  • chriscab47

    Discussion: should schools switch to this alternative?🤔

  • Tommaso Benatti
    Tommaso Benatti

    I'm watching this video with a mac

  • Corbeau Martin-Caldwell
    Corbeau Martin-Caldwell

    I have never eaten meat in my entire life for the reasons presented In this video and stuff life this fills me with so much joy.

  • ELIM Hazard
    ELIM Hazard

    But we’re omnivores we have sharp teeth to chew through meat

  • Jude Mitchell
    Jude Mitchell

    Don’t forget that cholesterol is still an essential thing people need to eat and it only comes from animal products. You don’t need much and it’s easy to eat too much, but low cholesterol, like all other deficiencies, is very harmful over time. It’s all about moderation and balance

  • Minh Le
    Minh Le

    Meat more yummy than peanut sandwich

  • Yeeter21

    Is there a way to find the sources you used in this video? I wanted to do a few projects on this topic for school and I like a lot of what you are talking about, specifically about the inefficient middle man part with the wasting of calories. Thank you!

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Nobody: Mark Rober: (Casually eats with Bill Gates) Seems legit.


    Hey do you know that to make industrial vegetables they have to use tons of pesticides which pollutes the environment and kills a lot of animals and it causes even more suffering than meat? No ? You didn't know?

  • Jakub Włoch
    Jakub Włoch

    Why meatless Monday when there is already "meatless" Friday in Christian religion? ;)

  • Tricky

    Ah yes, lets screw over the farmers that are forced to be fucked already by the companies that lended them land and animals

  • J Baldwin
    J Baldwin

    I honestly can’t thank you enough for doing this episode. I really appreciate that you brought this to millions.

  • MartinixEP

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> the richest man in the world is jeff bezos

  • Ty Williams
    Ty Williams

    I’m a vegetarian and thank you for making this because cause people need to know again thank you

  • Braden Douglas
    Braden Douglas

    why do you need carbs in meat?

  • Karolis Mickevicius
    Karolis Mickevicius

    2nd richest guy in the world

  • Threeyearsold2 _YT
    Threeyearsold2 _YT

    Who else is eating meat while watching this video?

  • Joruz

    I love how by Impossible they cover their beard.

  • good morning
    good morning

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1003">16:43</a>


    So why are we still doing the cow thing? Oh right - heaven forbid we do the correct, long term thing instead of having a fed gov that is owned by rich assholes.

  • Loopin games
    Loopin games

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="517">8:37</a> TOTINO'S TOTINO'S HOT PIZZA ROLLS

  • Superp222

    But all that's talked about here are patties and sausages...

  • bob jenkins
    bob jenkins

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="537">8:57</a> umm that not 1.5 metres away

  • Sage Deeley
    Sage Deeley

    I imagine that burger was pretty cold by the time he got back

  • Will M
    Will M

    These burgers from Burger King give you man boobs.

  • Kevin Bonar
    Kevin Bonar

    i really want this kind of food, but is this okay if a vegan person eat this kind of meat?

  • Will Playz Wii
    Will Playz Wii

    I disagree. I don't care, I have my own opinion

  • Hau Yao Hui
    Hau Yao Hui

    We also have more people now than decades back but hey who's counting?

  • Matt Bland
    Matt Bland

    Right now both of the burgers you featured cost more than actual meat burgers in the supermarket and in resturants. Once the price comes down and is half the price then it will take off. Also, if they have a longer shelf life then that's also a bonus.

  • rahim gaming
    rahim gaming

    did you notice that the peanut butter sandwich and meat patty was on the floor yet he still ate it.

  • hot wheels racing 37 37
    hot wheels racing 37 37

    yes mark rober thinks racing is a sport

  • try to get me to 1k without uploading
    try to get me to 1k without uploading

    Bill likes dix

  • Mooba2

    Hahaha Mark does the Jedi door open too 😁

  • Lenny coupon
    Lenny coupon

    This video is inspiring.

  • Anthony Chobey
    Anthony Chobey

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">2:11</a> I thought it was a cookie

  • Adam Russell
    Adam Russell

    I feel so let down. 😔 I tried the beyond meat burgers tonight and they were terrible. I was so looking forward to it!

  • Big Sundae
    Big Sundae

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    kaitlyn b

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  • Massimo Larocca
    Massimo Larocca

    Mark, you should make clear whether this video is somehow sponsored by any of this two companies. Otherwise doubts may arise... 🤔

  • Srijon Saha
    Srijon Saha

    Man you so true but these plant meat is not available at our places just to try even..

  • Gaff 2727
    Gaff 2727

    Next episode Mark Rober shares his hot pockets with Jackie Chan

  • Ghostrider03z

    It's interesting that impossible burger has a more complex looking 5 ingredients while beyond had that whole tray of more common goods.

  • Bränevricht

    and you didnt even mention antibiotic resistant bacteria evolving because of antibiotics used in the production of meat which will make the covid-19 pandemic look like a joke in comparison

  • Jackson Moy
    Jackson Moy

    I saw a newspaper talking about this.

  • Shantanu Arora
    Shantanu Arora

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  • arpita1shrivas

    He meet the Bill He defeat the grill But most importantly, He eat the meal.

    • Shu Chi Hung
      Shu Chi Hung


  • t3r4

    Mark Rober left NASA to be a super popular KZsoftr and a casual friend of the Gates family, Jimmy Kimmel and many more popular and wealthy people.

  • Roland Nuhiu
    Roland Nuhiu

    i ate real meat when i watched it

  • Jaime Angulo
    Jaime Angulo

    "this cuts and feels exactly like a real burger" PLOT TWIST ITS A REAL BURGER

  • DaDiamondCat

    Dude, who are the 16k who disliked the video

  • Hyperlex [GD]
    Hyperlex [GD]

    gonna be honest, chicken farms arent what you should be thinking about while eating chick-fil-a

  • xXArmageddon1382Xx

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  • Toast with 50,000 Subscribers
    Toast with 50,000 Subscribers

    Listen, if you make good and healthy McDonald Big Macs I will become vegan for life


    what about meat cutters like me? i would lose my job...

    • S h a w n
      S h a w n

      You'd probably be dead before any significant change occurs. The hope is that the cruelty industries will slowly die down

  • Pietro Carini
    Pietro Carini

    @peanut butter sandwich...but I'm allergic to peanuts.

  • Fox Demon_HD
    Fox Demon_HD

    Is Bill gates still the richest man in the world I thought it is the man who found Amazon?

  • Aaron

    Pure Bullshit , they dont even call it Global Warming anymore , now its climate change because they couldnt keep bullshiting the data lol , keep eating real meat people the earth will still be here a million years after were dead and gone ..

    • Aaron

      @S h a w n pure bulshit Sean there's no data to support that anywhere

    • S h a w n
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    Lil Rexio

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