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  • Madi Ignacia
    Madi Ignacia

    Me: turning 21 in May 20th and a Taurus-Gemini cusp

  • Joe Mangini
    Joe Mangini


  • Nikolina Kjerland
    Nikolina Kjerland

    Everybody hates Gemini’s. Why? My bday is on may 23 emma! We always have finals too. Why?

  • Veronika Cuci
    Veronika Cuci

    “I dont even wanna get married. Well.. i do” -emma being gemini asf

  • Salma Rayyan
    Salma Rayyan

    My bday is may 26

  • Jayden Smith
    Jayden Smith

    Everyone at my school: *gEmNIs aRe FucKIn wHoREs* Emma: *I'm a good person*

  • JuliaTheMint

    I actually sang Happy bday

  • Marlenne Avadiev
    Marlenne Avadiev

    my birthday is may 27 were literally so close in b days asksjdjdkfbdkep

  • Luam Merces
    Luam Merces

    I thought she was vegan.

    • Luam Merces
      Luam Merces

      Then I saw the eggs

  • T B88
    T B88

    Mid life crisis. Oops.

  • Lizete Spila
    Lizete Spila

    I’m Gemini too

  • Celestia of the Heavens
    Celestia of the Heavens

    Yea fun facts 18 sucks too with laws in the US right now 21 is when you can do anything. At 18 all you can do is go into the military or sign for things

  • Pastor

    U think she sold her soul that's actually cute me

  • Emma H 2024
    Emma H 2024


  • Lara Quinlan
    Lara Quinlan

    I legit sang happy birthday out loud for you Emma, btw ily

  • Melanie Lopes
    Melanie Lopes

    I'm a Gemini too. Why does everyone hate on Gemini?

  • Holly Baumgarten
    Holly Baumgarten

    I'm a Libra ♎♎♎

  • life with Samantha
    life with Samantha

    I am a Gemini and we are not bad

  • Han-Han Bui
    Han-Han Bui

    Ironic how my birthday was two days ago 😝😏

  • Ciara !
    Ciara !

    who else got confused by the mirror when she got up whilst decorating :'))

  • Ali Paige
    Ali Paige

    i love you emma!

  • Isabella Alcaraz
    Isabella Alcaraz

    Happy early brithday

  • Rana Simme
    Rana Simme

    Emma: ah these cupcakes suck *makes the most beautiful cupcake decoration and shows off her artistic talents* Me: *confusion*

  • Jade Vlogs
    Jade Vlogs

    u remind me of miranda sings lol

  • Marley Rose
    Marley Rose

    Emma: aw i fucked up me:thats funny, thats what my mom said when I was born. (jk...I think)

  • Sierra Bunnell
    Sierra Bunnell

    Gemini Squad unite

  • CoffeeCarp Okay
    CoffeeCarp Okay

    Emma is like a 30yearold in a person 17yrolds body...Coffeequeen Catlady forever 17yrold 😄

  • Alexis Swimeley
    Alexis Swimeley

    Emma that’s how you do it you get it in a box then make it

  • Misfit Britt
    Misfit Britt

    You or literally anyone could do these _IF_ you use the right tools/materials! Half of em had fondant on them and you need to use the little tips to perfect the designs lol A for effort though!

  • RaiNboW l0veR
    RaiNboW l0veR

    You are so beautiful 💕

  • Marina Yousif
    Marina Yousif

    I’m also Gemini

  • Avery Lansdon
    Avery Lansdon


  • •c o t t o n c l o u d s•
    •c o t t o n c l o u d s•

    Emma birthday is literally two days after mine

  • Original Music Tv
    Original Music Tv

    "i've never became a woman before" "I remember when I was 17 , Oh, I am 17 still " lol

  • Erica Sanders
    Erica Sanders

    jemini gemini ?whatever its called or spelled, my friends are gemini's so they're cool and so are yOu.

  • Bella G G
    Bella G G


  • Lily Alvarez
    Lily Alvarez

    Eathen and emma should date because they both sleep in and eat and have daily work outs and they don't cook for themselfs because they sick at it no afence🤘❤❤


      * ethan*themselves *offense

  • Gabriella Grisko
    Gabriella Grisko

    when she was shaking the icing and it flew i died laughing and i almost peed my pants😂😂😂💀💀 10:17

  • Morgan Parker
    Morgan Parker

    emma whining about her birthday my birthday is 2 days after christmas

  • Lu ssgjj
    Lu ssgjj

    love that sweater

  • Sophii

    Emma u should’ve named this “* having a midlife crisis while baking cupcakes *”

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff

    Emma you were supposed to use m&m’s for the balloon cupcake sorry

  • Totally Tubular
    Totally Tubular

    Im a Gemini to :))

  • Hannah Sheehan
    Hannah Sheehan

    did anyone else sing happy birthday to her? just me....... ok

  • Paige Malay
    Paige Malay

    The ammount of times emma was relatable 😂😂

  • andry lupescu
    andry lupescu

    old Emma come back :C

  • Kayma Shroyer
    Kayma Shroyer


  • Manal Qamar
    Manal Qamar

    14:23 hi...

  • Loy Sordo
    Loy Sordo

    Happy birthday Emma🥳🤡💝💐🧁🎂🍰

  • Leandra Fisher
    Leandra Fisher

    Emma should go on “Nailed It”

  • Favour B
    Favour B

    I’ll rather be a Gemini ♊️ rather than a Scorpio ♏️ because everyone literally hates Scorpios for no reason

  • cringeynotpopularkid

    gemini gang wya

  • Aditi Singh
    Aditi Singh

    when she said to sing happy birthday, i actually sang cuz i love her somuch and she's so gooooood

  • The Crazy Lundberg's
    The Crazy Lundberg's

    hahaahhahahhahaha! ur like 50 in ur head... ... so funny!

  • Jalissa Larrosa-Jones
    Jalissa Larrosa-Jones


  • L y t e r
    L y t e r

    *screaming in 25

  • Jenna Purnell
    Jenna Purnell

    this is weird, but her stomach looks so gooooodd

  • Always. Entertaining. People.
    Always. Entertaining. People.

    I cant be the only one who thought Emma was in her 20s😭

  • Madelyn Herron
    Madelyn Herron

    OMG! I'm so happy that your a Gemini too!! I don't know many people who are Geminis! I thought i was alone

  • Sirajul Mallick
    Sirajul Mallick

    I hate the subtitles.....ufff they are so irritating....i cant see the full video

    • Sirajul Mallick
      Sirajul Mallick

      @singing laverne can you plss tell me how to ?

    • singing laverne
      singing laverne

      Sirajul Mallick turn them off ?