Best Of moviemaniacs 2016 | Interview Outtakes
Thanks to all our viewers, our stars and a great 2016! Vanessa met Katherine Waterston (Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them), Eddie Redmayne (Fantastic Beasts), Owen Wilson (Zoolander 2), Ben Stiller (Zoolander 2), Kevin Hart (Ride Along 2), Ice Cube (Ride Along 2), Jeff Goldblum (Independence Day 2), Liam Hemsworth (Independence Day 2), Sacha Baron Cohen (Alice in Wonderland 2), Jay Hernandez (Suicide Squad), Joel Kinnaman (Suicide Squad), Will Smith (Suicide Squad), Justin Timberlake (Trolls), Cara Delevingne (Suicide Squad), Margot Robbie (Suicide Squad & Tarzan), Ben Affleck (The Accountant), Gavin O'Connor (The Accountant), Chris Evans (Captain America), Alexander Skarsgård (Tarzan), Lena Meyer-Landrut (Trolls), Anna Kendrick (Trolls), Sebastian Stan (Captain America), Anthony Mackie (Captain America) and many more.
Interview: Vanessa Christin

  • malita malita
    malita malita

    She is so charming and cute and make you feel very comfortable in all of her interviews with all of these superstars.

  • esajaan

    Vanessa ist schon klasse ;)

  • Rute Soares
    Rute Soares

    This was great! I wish we could see more of these outtakes! :)

  • Fermin

    Love you'll logo Movie Maniacs ... The closing motion in the end was great Thanks for sharing trailers for the past's been helpful to me ..from not to miss out on anything God bless and wishing this channel the best of 2017 Will always be a subscriber and looking forward 2017 for more trailers 🙌🏽