What I use to animate:
- 22 HD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To memefy it and sync audio cuz adobe animate is sometimes weird)
-Adobe Audition (To record)
Business Email: [email protected]

  • The Rush Rush
    The Rush Rush

    Love these vids Adam

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    I don’t think you let the chacky milk thing let go

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    My phone is at 69%

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    Ian Green

    Whhhy Am I Soooo Addicted To This Song?

  • Doctor Dragon
    Doctor Dragon

    4:17 All Might poster!!!! 9 oh clock!!!!!!!

  • Player 301 TV
    Player 301 TV

    James: depression Jaden: anorexia Adam: bullyed Alex: pizza Gingerpale: mouths Haminations: himself

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    turtle man :3

    noot noot

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    Homero del Pino-Hernandez

    What the fuck do people watch

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    Alejandro Guzmán

    the music is cool :)

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    Cat Meow

    James sleeps with his camera and wearing shoes?!…

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    Rishano Chhanai

    Hey markeplyer all good ?

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    Galaxy Crescent wolf

    I don't like pizza😅😅😅

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    Clueless! Otaku

    This reminds me of how I almost got arrested last summer and I'm only 13

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    Lucapvp 1v1

    If I were u I would start a fight

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    *Sees he's friends with Odd1sOut* Me: *Screeeing to the subscribe button*

  • MonsterEnergyJunior

    captain amarica is the one who created the evengrs not nick fury

  • Yeeters Are Yeeting
    Yeeters Are Yeeting

    James: Life is Fun Jaiden: Empty Adam: I'm Something Else Also Adam: I'll pull down your underwear.

  • Munweng Wong
    Munweng Wong

    Why betrayal mother? #don't care#

  • Youssef Shaaban
    Youssef Shaaban

    My *FIRST* devices where: PSP PS2 AND I don't remember actually ._.

  • Depressed Person
    Depressed Person

    Oof. Some of these are big oofs

  • Jazzy Plays
    Jazzy Plays

    I went to sea world once. I FRICKIN told my Grammy and pappy to get out of there because... when I went, that was the day the orca trainer almost got eaten. Tears and maybe blood were involved. That scarred me dude

  • Dabbin Iggy
    Dabbin Iggy

    б ащ эсаяеф ог цщ феаф

  • Eryk IDK
    Eryk IDK

    Out of all of the youtube animator songs, this one is my favourite

  • Brent Joyce
    Brent Joyce

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  • Grant Animates
    Grant Animates

    I recognize the megamind reference at the beginning

  • Inyeong

    I'm pretty sure that there IS such a haunted game. Apparently, an old Japanese game of such concept (but different rules) exist.

  • Lucky Fuyo
    Lucky Fuyo

    Yo Adam I realy like ur voice

  • BalesOfIcecreamCrowns YT
    BalesOfIcecreamCrowns YT

    0:58 um

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    Kensi Stout

    How could u boi I'm 8 years old I'm still FRICKING scared of my own house pffft my house is only 145 years old!!!

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    #im something else#relatable

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    i will f*cking eat you!!!!!

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    Renae Cassidy

    I'm more of a checkers person it's easier for me to understand rules of the game I'm not so yeah I'm more of a anyhow Happy Valentine's day ❤️

  • Daan Huisman
    Daan Huisman

    0:00 i didn't even realize that that was you at the beginning

  • sad gaming MINION
    sad gaming MINION

    U know fnaf? Well i had a nighymare About it. And ive had so many nighymares that i dont really care anymore.... Hellp me.....

  • the adventures of tyrone and keith
    the adventures of tyrone and keith

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    Flamez Gaming

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    Eimmy :3

    Im feeling identificated with this song, and I love this song💜

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    Detective Samus

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    Arnav Tripathy

    I see how you are friends with TheOdd1sOut and Jaidenanimations. You have good vid

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    Matti Cooper

    Hey man, I can tutor you in chess if you want?

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    i know its late but happy birthday adam

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    de fe

    too scary jummpscaer

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    Hiển Lớp 7 TV

    2:03 f**k 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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    Borkwoof 19

    Hi :)

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    Pro Playz ROBLOX


  • Box With a box
    Box With a box

    The fact that this song was over a year ago and I was here when it first came out makes me realize that time goes by fast :(

  • Vanessa Romero
    Vanessa Romero

    And tell everyone u know after u watch that video

  • blue Gaming
    blue Gaming

    1:42 3:13 6:00 11:00

  • Vanessa Romero
    Vanessa Romero

    Adam u need to go to it's Alex clark newest video and watch it be prepared

  • heber Ellis
    heber Ellis

    First hes an angel then turns in to a devil?!?!?

  • Czelina OwO
    Czelina OwO

    Someone here 2020 I I I V

  • Denise Belcher
    Denise Belcher

    someone made a video of you and James in love

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    Steven Fuller

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    No Nono

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  • DieNoSore Art & Crafts - Animations
    DieNoSore Art & Crafts - Animations

    What If SomethingelseYT hosts meme review? Everyone will be surprised

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    Denise Belcher

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    Mr. Yeet

    That first one was illegal

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    I love guitar

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    Denise Belcher

    Why do u have horns

  • StarxyMoon

    who else saw the message at 3:58 (might need to wait a bit to see it)

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    aRtizt XD

    his art is so bootiful

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    Enrico Opperman

    I'm not lazy I'm just highly motivated at doing nothing.

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    •Crystal_ Faith•

    Hey Adam, how's your day been?

  • Abbey Road
    Abbey Road

    *My Story* *I eat KFC even today* *Goodbye And Thank You*

  • tiffany

    Can anyone tell me what Eric said at 05:12?? Because I can't understand what he's saying here

  • BeastLavish 420
    BeastLavish 420

    while talking about the ds why didn't you talk about the true god of all games "cory in the house"

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    C0P4Chicken YT

    What is with U and choky milk?

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    Maximus T

    I live in AZ Tucson and I go camping all the time in the cold and hot

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    Cristina Almeida Sousa

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    Enhkdul Bulgan

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  • The Scriblet
    The Scriblet

    Adam: Its June 17th! You know what that means?!?!?!?! Us: Oh yeah. Isnt it the anniversary of the day James slept with his camera and shoes?

  • Galaxywolfparker ?
    Galaxywolfparker ?

    Like that smash button?

  • Sans the Skeleton
    Sans the Skeleton

    Adam's mom in this vid is pretty much Toriel from Undertale ( Maybe he's secretly Asriel)

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    mrs potato


  • April Gluhm
    April Gluhm

    Nope nope nope how do you know that game!!!! I HATE THAT GAME

  • C Rios
    C Rios

    4:02:the face when you relize your mom sold all your stuff

  • C Rios
    C Rios

    1:34 it looks like there have s#x

  • Furious Caydence
    Furious Caydence

    at first i was like: wOt I cLiCkEd On A MaRkIpLiEr ViD? oH wElL then i was like: oh ;w; U SOUND ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE HIM!

  • felizamm Egi
    felizamm Egi

    I've been dreaming about Annabel •__•...

  • Furious Caydence
    Furious Caydence

    rip ikea coffee table lol

  • Kira - Kira
    Kira - Kira

    Not gonna lie, I was waiting for some kinda plot twist at the end

  • Diamond Skulls
    Diamond Skulls

    Why would you put that really scary picture it made me cry lol

  • Yeet Man
    Yeet Man

    Play this on 1.25x speed, it’s cool.

  • Eduardo Gallegos
    Eduardo Gallegos

    human grape


    This is the best song ever he is the best singer it’s so good I really enjoyed this and this is my first time watching

  • Ella Lieske
    Ella Lieske

    sub to baggie boi it is good

  • MobileGamez

    Okay no one else will notice the 42-0 at 2:10??

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  • MobileGamez

    Alternative for 'I'll pull down your underwear' "I'll kick your ass over there" sounds a bit better honestly but this song is G R E A T

  • Haley Janson
    Haley Janson

    Captain America has only one star, so does that make him Captain Puerto Rico? Think about it. #geographynerd

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    Will Huey

    wait is this the same billy from the let me tell you something about billy video.

  • potato madness
    potato madness


  • Italy anamations
    Italy anamations

    boost arent that bad its what kept my grandma alive for like a year cence she wouldent eat but she ded now 😭

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    Will Huey

    vegemite is best being eaten on toast.

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    dE_STRIKER 5

    i use to do everything with that dol-action figure